Dive into the magic world – Shubham Bijarnia


Since the time I was in school, I have always loved watching movies. I always used to be the first one to watch any movie that was released, and I was called the 'FILMY KEEDA' of my gang. I always wanted to perform since I was child, but somehow, I held myself back because I was very shy and underconfident. I had the zeal to act, not in open but behind the doors, inside my room, I was my own star. My dad always quoted 'whenever a phase of life ends, look back, see where you went wrong, learn,

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  • Living my Dream - Siddhant Yadav

Living my Dream – Siddhant Yadav


Someone coming from a small town of Madhya Pradesh, Acting was always a BIG DREAM for me. No one would think of going to Mumbai from my city at such a young age to pursue acting as a career, so until then I chose science as an alternative and always aimed to be a Doctor if not an Actor.But as everyone says, ‘no one can stop you from what you want, right?’. I left everything and came to Mumbai, The CITY OF DREAMS.  Mumbai is the city of opportunities, it will give you innumerable chances to live your dreams, isn't

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Our students groove to the latest trending music “VIBE” with Raj Pandit!


Raj Pandit, debuts his first music album "Vibe". Vibe is the electrifying debut hindi single by our very own Raj Pandit. Choreographed & Directed by Shazeb Sheikh and lyrics written by Kunaal Verma, VIBE is all you need for your next party! Raj became the #ArtistOfTheMonth in the Score Magazine of April, 2021. Raj Pandit visited our institute, Actor Prepares and grooved with our students to his latest trending song #Vibe

Our students groove to the latest trending music “VIBE” with Raj Pandit!2021-04-15T10:06:25+05:30
  • 'Learning, Creating & Perfoming Art'– Ashrika Tyagi

‘Learning, Creating & Performing Art’ – Ashrika Tyagi


Working in a corporate firm as a writer, one afternoon I couldn't find a purpose in contributing to selling the service that the company was made for. While I was robotically functioning and "doing my job" I knew that the world could completely run just fine without the service and the product I was providing for, which made me think- “how am I making a difference?" All of it made me realize the truth that cinema has the power to go beyond entertainment with its rich values and features and also entertain people in their way, at the same time!

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  • 'Engineering an Act'– Gabri Jose

‘Engineering an Act’– Gabri Jose


From choosing a career in civil engineering to starring in a Malayalam movie, my life took a lot of unexpected turns in a short span of time. From my early days of childhood, I always enjoyed being on stage and interacting with people.  Even in my college, I was active in cultural performances like singing, dancing and hosting events.  I enjoyed the feeling of being seen. I loved the energy of being on stage. After completing my degree in Engineering, I realized I did not want to pursue my career in Engineering. At the same time, I never really tried

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Celebrity fitness trainer Deepa Tanna was in our campus this week to conduct an interactive fitness and health session with our students to guide them on the significance of fitness in daily life. Deepa Tanna has trained several celebrities like Mrs Sunita Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Anupam Kher. The session was helpful for students as she cleared several myths surrounding fad diets that are trending now. Being a fitness expert, she stressed on the value of consistency and discipline in the journey to good health. The session culminated with an insightful question and answer session where


Crowns up – Ojasvi Sharma


Being a neuroscientist by qualification, my journey towards becoming an actor and now, the winner of a title, has been a rather memorable one. I graduated with an Honours degree in Neurosciences back in 2019. Even though I had spent significant number of years in Science, I was always inclined towards performing arts. I always loved watching movies and dancing my heart out. I was never shy in front of the camera and was always enthusiastic about performing on stage. My passion for performing arts continued in my college days as well, when I was awarded the ‘Miss Talented’

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  • Actor Prepares celebrates its 16 anniversary with a special offer.

Actor Prepares celebrates its 16 anniversary with a special offer.


Actor Prepares, the most preferred institute for aspiring actors in India and across the globe, was established in 2005 by international actor, Mr. Anupam Kher. Come 2021, the institute completes 16 years of operations on 5th February 2021. To celebrate this occasion, the institute has announced a generous discount of 16% on the one month Film & Theatre acting course, in the online format exclusively for the month of February. Detailed information can be gathered by calling us at +91 8080801761 or emailing us at [email protected] Actor Prepares is the only institute in the world that is run by a professionally active

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  • Actor Prepares Alumna Kiara Advani wins ‘Actor of the year’ award!

Actor Prepares Alumna Kiara Advani wins ‘Actor of the year’ award!


Kiara Advani is not just an actor but a youth icon too. No matter what she wears or does, it inspires many. Recognising her achievements, The Times of India awarded her the Times Power Woman Actor of the Year award in a recent award ceremony held in Mumbai. What made this award even more special for her is that it was handed to her by her guru Anupam Kher under the guidance of whom at Actor Prepares she trained as an actor. Announcing her win on Twitter, Kiara said "A moment I will cherish forever!

Actor Prepares Alumna Kiara Advani wins ‘Actor of the year’ award!2021-02-01T08:07:14+05:30
  • ‘Love at first act’ – Snehal Shrivastava

‘Love at first act’ – Snehal Shrivastava


My journey with ‘Actor Prepares’ has been nothing less than magical. And no, I am not exaggerating. Landing inside the wooden furnishings adorned with iconic posters and connecting with the stage that has seen such stalwarts perform, was truly a blessing. Little did I know, my journey planned for 3 months as part of the full-time Diploma programme, would last almost a year, thanks to the lockdown. The best twist of 2020 for me was, that it helped me stay on with the magic of ‘Actor Prepares’ for a much longer time, than expected. Reaching ‘Actor

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