From a Doctor to a Professional Actor - Dheeman Sarkar

Being a radiologist by qualification, my journey towards becoming an actor has been a rather interesting one. My love for being on stage started in school itself when I found myself participating in everything from singing and dancing in annual day to debate competitions, elocutions and sometimes reading the news in the morning assembly. I realized that when others felt a certain pressure to be under the spotlight, I on the other hand felt the pleasure. I noticed that my heart rate never shot up while I was backstage before it was my turn to go on stage.

So I started learning classical music and dance in my formative years after school. All credit to my vigilant parents, my academics was always kept in check while I was indulging in extra-curriculars. Being a curious person by nature I took deep interest in science. So after a certain amount of hard work and my parents blessings I cleared the All India Medical Entrance Examination and got an opportunity to study M.B.B.S in a government medical college. Studied hard, learnt about the human body, made friends and continued performing on stage during my college fests. I graduated successfully and became a doctor in 2016. Then after securing a good rank in NEET-PG examinations, I got myself admitted into Gujarat Cancer Research Institute to do my M.D. in Radiology, which was exactly what I was aiming for while preparing. Even here, my love for the “Rangmanch” didn’t diminish. I kept on performing be it college fests, garba nights, festivals, friend’s wedding, medical conferences. One time I shared the stage with KK, one of my favorite singers in the Radiology Annual Asian Conference held in Gujarat that year in January 2020. I used to upload all my performance videos on YouTube just for posterity. Then the pandemic hit and I had to don the hat of a covid warrior and got engrossed in treating COVID-19 patients. Then in 2021, after completing my M.D in Radiology, after reading hundreds of books, meeting a gazillion people I finally shifted base back to Mumbai after 10 years of medical training and guess what, I joined the prestigious Actor Prepares to learn the art and craft of acting.

This was a whole new world for me. I realized, one has to proficient in so many other things apart from just acting. The academy had a very Gurukul-like atmosphere which instilled a sense of discipline from the first day itself. My esteemed teachers at Actor Prepares gave me voice training, taught camera acting, and made me self-aware about my body posture and so many other things. Morning sessions were devoted to Yoga, Dance and Martial arts. They made me do multiple scenes, some romantic scenes, some classy, some massy, in brief a good touch of all the navrasa (9 emotions). Then came the final monologue, where I learnt that if one rehearses a single scene multiple times, the character gets embedded in one’s subconscious and then one becomes a character. I played a psychotic cold-blooded murderer (far cry from my real persona) and felt the character on stage, so that was quite schizophrenic!

So, as its said that “well begun is half done”, I am convinced that only good things are about to happen as now I have completed my Diploma in Acting course and am ready to charm the world. Eternally grateful to have trained with such lovely teachers and special thanks to the staff members of the institute for being so helpful and gracious. It’s the little things apart from the main agenda that makes one’s experience extra-special. Wishing to reach newer heights in 2022!

Shine on Actor Prepares 🙂

Actor Prepares Alumni Dr. Dheeman Sarkar sharing his insightful journey at Actor Prepares

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