Vedika Bhandari, an Actor Prepares alumnus features in the MX player web series Indori Ishq.

The Spotlight Series showcases performances by Actor Prepares alumni with the aim to promote them for various casting opportunities in films, television and digital projects as actors and performers.

Kisi Mod Par is an anthology of Monologues exploring how life can turn upside down in a jiffy.  Inspired from true events and set in the metropolis of Mumbai, these six stories showcase the uncertainty of life.

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Kisi Mod Par- An Anthology of Monologues, Spotlight series produced by Actor Prepares.


Born in Surat, the city of Diamonds with a passion for movies, theatre, books, and the love for filmmaking, Zarath, since childhood, had an urge to explore the beauty of cinema. Drawing inspiration from sketching, music and writing stories, performing arts has been a major contributor in developing him as an artist.

Zarath is performing the character of Soham Patel, a wealthy businessman and a proud dog owner. He describes his journey and the strong bond he shares with his loyal dog Tiger. Being detached from his family, Tiger was the only one who became more of his solace. Soham’s enthralling story makes us believe that Dog is a Man’s best friend!


A charismatic girl who grew up in Bengaluru, a city which enhances you to “Be You”. Since childhood was never camera shy and loved to portray various emotions on camera as well as off camera. Enjoyed taking part in all cultural activities and had immense love for sports. Her love for acting grew as she realized that she wanted to step into one’s shoes and experience their life. Her zest for life and her curiosity has brought her one step closer to achieving her dreams. She has completed her graduation in Business Administration, and she enjoys dancing, watching movies, and playing sports in her spare time.

Shanaiyya is playing the character of Zaira Khan, who is a confident and dedicated young woman, stuck in the dilemma about how religion serves purpose in one’s life. She is anguished by the circumstances put ahead of her. Her pure love for a guy has changed her life altogether. She is inspired by the women around her as she one day hopes to achieve all that she desires to fulfill with herself.


Tanishq Milind Katdare from Indore grew up watching movies. The idea of experiencing different emotions fascinated him towards acting, but at Actor Prepares he realised that living life while feeling all the emotions and recreating it on stage or camera is the real deal.

He will be playing the character Avi in the spotlight series Kisi Mod Par. Avi is an emotional boy, who loves his family, especially his grandfather. He loves when the whole family spends time together and what all keeps happening in his life is being showcased in this performance.


Shayoni is coming all the way from Kolkata, the city of love and passion. Being a Bengali, she was always a little biased towards art and culture. Since her childhood, she loved watching movies and exploring different personalities and characters through them. She was never that great in expressing herself but through this craft of acting, she evolved and found her inner self. Acting is not only a craft for her anymore but the way of living and feeding the passion within her.

Shayoni is living the character of Priya Sharma, in this show- Kisi Mod Par. Priya is someone who keeps love and dignity above everything in her life. She reflects in her story that love can never be anybody’s weakness, rather it’s always the strength for a person to go beyond their dreams and look at the bigger picture. Her beliefs are so strong that she can win over this world with her perspective and positivity.


Gaurvishika grew up in Ahmedabad, as a child She was a major drama baby and that didn’t really go away. She has had this “I want to be an actor” in her since she was 5 years old and to our surprise, she still has it. She did a pageant as a child and that feeling of being in front of the camera and having all the audience eyes on her made her sure that this is where she wants to be 10 years down the line.

She is performing Shanaya Singh’s character in this show who is happy and is always smiling. Shanaya is a 19 years old pampered kid, she’s beautiful but naive, she wants to mature and make her own decisions but she’s impulsive and easy to fool. She has completed her first year of college and is desperately looking for love.


Aakash Biwalkar hails from Indore. Personally, He thinks that being an actor gives you the best excuse to never stop learning or growing. There’s always a new role to prepare for, always new things to learn and to understand. He never wants to settle in a rut. He has been training in MMA and dancing. There are literally too many things in life that he wants to do.

I am performing the character of Ashish Sharma in the show- Kisi Mod Par. Ashish is a young entrepreneur from Dubai who falls in love with Sakshi through an online dating app and their romance turns into a serious relationship. Ashish is in Mumbai now and trying very hard to make his first non-virtual date with Sakshi very special.

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