Hi, I am Shanaiyya Krishnamurthi from Bangalore. I have completed my diploma in acting from Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares. My journey towards acting began at an early age, as I was never camera shy, loved participating in various cultural activities which soon made me realize that I had knack of portraying different emotions. This made me a lot curious about what acting is, which led me to towards the dream of being an actor. The time I was in school, I had heard about Actor Prepares, a school that was started by the famous actor, Anupam Kher. I knew that acting isn’t an easy task, it’s not just about emotions but the techniques of how you can indulge yourself in this craft. I hoped to join Actor Prepares one day to learn this craft well. And well that dream came true the day I got selected to be a part of this wonderful family.

My experience at Actor Prepares was a marvelous and a thrilling one! Three months rigorous course was surely done with dedication and a lot of hard work plus a lot of enjoyment. Morning 8:30 we started our day with an activity that is either yoga, dance, or martial arts, which was followed by classes for various methods of acting. We learnt about voice, behavior, camera work, emotions and basically all the essentials required for acting which in turn gave a brighter approach towards acting. Being a trained actor has helped me overall, as I can see a remarkable growth in my skills every day. Looking back at my first audition video and then my final monologue performance I can see the difference. The character involvement, the voice, the background, and the most of all the behavior of that character was all taken into consideration to feel exactly what the character feels and to make the audience feel the same. The faculty at Actor Prepares including Anupam Kher sir, just have the most cordial nature which makes us feel comfortable around them. They have a holistic approach towards us through which we not only learnt about acting but about life. We were taught but also, they had made sure that we enjoy performing at the end which is very important in this field. I am very grateful and obliged to have been taught under such amazing and wonderful teachers.

There is not one thing but so many things to be missed. I’ll miss the sessions, learnings, fun and utmost my friends and staff at Actor Prepares. Not one but many funny incidents took place in class. The times before our performance or any free time we would just enjoy each other’s company. The most memorable incident at actor Prepares was the way my batchmates barely knowing me had celebrated my birthday by surprising me with a wonderful cake and a party. Also, the day we fortunately got an opportunity to celebrate Anupam Kher Sir’s birthday by giving him a surprise plus a wonderful performance.

To be honest this journey has been a joyful ride and if I ever got the chance to relive these three months, I would do it in a heartbeat! Not only the experience but I will cherish each moment I spent here every day of my life and will make sure to continue to make everyone proud whoever has been a part of this journey.

I have also performed for Kisi Mod Par, the spotlight series at Actor Prepares. Please do watch my performance and do not forget to like, share, and comment.