My journey with ‘Actor Prepares’ has been nothing less than magical. And no, I am not exaggerating. Landing inside the wooden furnishings adorned with iconic posters and connecting with the stage that has seen such stalwarts perform, was truly a blessing. Little did I know, my journey planned for 3 months as part of the full-time Diploma programme, would last almost a year, thanks to the lockdown. The best twist of 2020 for me was, that it helped me stay on with the magic of ‘Actor Prepares’ for a much longer time, than expected.

Reaching ‘Actor Prepares’ for me, was a journey that I had been planning from the past 4 years. Soon after my under graduation in dentistry, I had shifted gears into the broadcast media industry and had been working as a News Anchor and Assistant Producer with English news channels. With round-the-clock shift timings, and a constant time crunch, I remember finding it extremely hard to accommodate time for theatre rehearsals and plays.

The vibe of this institute is unmatched. Faculties were more like family for us, serving us our truth, and helping us break our barriers, every single day. They unitedly challenged us to perform better, making us value our flaws and perfections, both to our advantage.

The faculty here has a unique motivational charm. Camera classes that helped us drop our inhibitions, voice lessons that rocked our resonators and the appreciation for fine details make the perfect mould for anyone to shape oneself as an actor.

In a world filled with judgements about actors and the profession, ‘Actor Prepares’ will give you the golden insight and belief, that, be it acting or any other passion, “Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai”. It will show you the torchlight and help you realize that acting, just like any other profession, is NOT EASY. In fact, now I realize, acting is much more than hard work, it takes a piece of your soul to live another character.

All in all, if you reach ‘Actor Prepares’, you are blessed. You will walk in with doubts, and walk out with conviction and pride.

Thank you, team ‘Actor Prepares’ for adding magic to my life. Shine on!

Snehal Shrivastava