Working in a corporate firm as a writer, one afternoon I couldn’t find a purpose in contributing to selling the service that the company was made for. While I was robotically functioning and “doing my job” I knew that the world could completely run just fine without the service and the product I was providing for, which made me think- “how am I making a difference?” All of it made me realize the truth that cinema has the power to go beyond entertainment with its rich values and features and also entertain people in their way, at the same time! With this, I realized what I was missing out on and how I could express myself through such great art by creating a magnificent performance.

I understood there is so much more for me to learn about this craft & I started searching for a good place to learn acting. And that’s when Actor Prepares came into my life. Here at Actor Prepares just like the name suggests, it defined my way of seeing things and performing arts through a great vantage point. Gave me different and all sorts of excellent point of views which I wouldn’t have imagined otherwise. All the people here, our mentors everyone here is so talented and pushes you to do your best every single time, it’s amazing! It’s like this huge carnival, once you entered with all the creative arena and space given to us and such amazingly filled talented work and people you won’t feel like leaving this carnival. Here at Actor Prepares you’d indeed find your inner peace and looking at your reflection you feel so good about yourself. It was a beautiful journey. I learned a lot about cinema as a craft. The rigorous training helped me grow as a person.

The fact that as an artist I can do innumerable and immaculate things made me feel liberated and free like a peaceful, modest, and free to experiment bird. Everything fell in place. And I fell in love with it, and since then I have been following my passion and make myself happy through learning, creating, and performing art.