Team of Netflix’s blockbuster CLASS at Actor Prepares

n an exciting news moment for film enthusiasts across India, the globally popular Netflix series, ‘CLASS‘, which premiered in February, saw its director Ashim Ahluwalia and actors Gurfateh Pirzada and Anjali Sivaraman, visit Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares school for actors in Mumbai. The actors came to the school to deliver a guest lecture, sharing their thoughts and insights on the craft of acting.

The guest lecture was a fascinating opportunity for aspiring actors to learn about the nuances of acting from the set of the hit series.

During the lecture, director Ashim and actors Gurfateh and Anjali, shared details of their experience working on the acclaimed Netflix show, ‘CLASS‘. The actors talked about the preparation, research, and methodology behind their distinct and powerful performances.

The session was interactive and fun, and the actors also shared inspiring stories from their journeys, with insights on how they approach their craft. The students of the diploma programme at Actor Prepares were thrilled to hear from the stars of ‘CLASS‘. They left with a newfound appreciation for the art of acting and were even more inspired to hone their acting skills.