Mahesh Bhatt looks back on the Saaransh journey at Actor Prepares: A Saaransh Retrospective.

Actor Prepares hosted an engaging and dynamic guest lecture featuring the legendary director Mahesh Bhatt on the occasion of 19 years of Actor Prepares and 40 years of Saaransh.

The session unfolded with an engaging discussion between Anupam Kher and Mahesh Bhatt about how they created the world of Saaransh and how the movie, made 40 years ago, remains relevant. They delved into the creation of the character B. V. Pradhaan and Anupam Kher’s experience of facing the camera for the first time.

The duo emphasized how honesty is crucial while acting and stressed the importance of understanding scripts and characters. Our students were attentive to every word as the guests discussed the collaborative relationship between directors and actors, highlighting the collaborative spirit that brings cinematic magic to life.

The session opened the floor for a lively Q&A, allowing our aspiring actors to pose questions and seek advice on navigating the challenges of the profession. The event concluded with Actor Prepares expressing gratitude to Mahesh Bhatt for generously sharing his knowledge and experiences.

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