Project Description

Actor Prepares - Young Actors Training Program
Actor Prepares - Young Actors Training Program


This workshop empowers actors in the art of character embodiment. Led by experienced workshop facilitator, Vidushi Chadha, this immersive program explores the synthesis of body, voice, and imagination to create authentic and captivating performances. Participants will delve into their characters’ physicality, motivations, and emotional landscapes, also gaining valuable insights and techniques to enhance their craft.

This is a 3-day workshop and each session will be of 3 hours. The participant will work on a monologue of their own choice and perform it as a final presentation. This condensed format allows for a concentrated and transformative learning experience in a short period of time.


  • Strengthen the connection between body, voice, and imagination for character embodiment.
  • Enhance understanding of character motivations through text analysis.
  • Develop physicality techniques to bring unique character traits to the forefront.
  • Explore vocal techniques to align with characters’ backgrounds and personalities.
  • Cultivate a rich emotional landscape through guided visualizations and specificity in character portrayal.


  • Work on a monologue of your choice and perform it as a final presentation with depth and authenticity.
  • Receive certification on successful completion of the workshop.


  • Actors of intermediate and advanced levels who are eager to deepen their character development skills.
  • Actors who have a strong foundation in Acting.
  • Alumni of our Foundation course and Diploma program who have successfully completed their training at Actor Prepares.
  • Experienced Actors committed to expanding their artistic growth and embracing a holistic approach to acting.


Vidushi Chadha is an actor, writer, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles and Mumbai. She holds an MFA in Acting from CalArts and has received training in Shakespeare Acting at RADA in London, SOPE at Adishakti theatre, and has worked with Tadpole Repertory.

Vidushi wrote, produced, and acted in the acclaimed short film “Neckline,” an all-women production. She has garnered awards for her outstanding performance in “His Period” and earned a Best Actress nomination for her portrayal of the protagonist in Shyamala Moorty’s short film, “How Do You Fall Out of Love with Country Music.”

With a passion for helping actors discover the integration of body, voice, and imagination, Vidushi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide participants on this transformative journey.


  • Applicants should be 16 years and above.
  • Applicants should be able to read, speak and write either English or Hindi fluently.
  • The sessions will be conducted in Mumbai across 3 days with classes being conducted between Monday to Saturday for 3 hours each.
  • The schedule and fees are specifically for a group session. For those who want to train in a private one-to-one session, please contact our counsellors for guidance.
  • Admission into this workshop is direct. To block a seat the applicant needs to register and pay the fee.
  • There are NO auditions conducted and admissions are on a first come, first seat basis.
  • Towards the end of the workshop the participants may need to dedicate additional time on weekdays and/or weekends for rehearsals, performances, and shoots.
  • It is mandatory for the participant to attend all the 3 days of the workshop to receive the certification.
  • Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before applying.
  • Batch start dates are subject to change at management discretion.
  • Outstation student seeking accommodation in Mumbai can reach out to the admissions team for assistance.
  • This workshop is physically and mentally demanding and will need a complete commitment on the part of the participant.
  • Any expenses on stationary, costumes or properties required for the classroom sessions will have to be borne by the participant over and above the tuition fee.