Project Description

Actor Prepares - Young Actors Training Program
Actor Prepares - Young Actors Training Program


This workshop is a comprehensive and an intensive program designed for trained/experienced actors to delve into the depths of the craft. Developed by the renowned acting teacher Michael Chekhov, this technique emphasizes the power of imagination, physicality, and emotional truth in creating transformative performances.

In this workshop, participants will immerse themselves in practical exercises and will deepen their understanding of the technique. This workshop will help the participants expand their imagination, conduct advanced script analysis, and bring authenticity and emotional conviction in performance.

This is a 15 day workshop conducted across 4 weeks and each session will be of 3 hours. All students will be mentored for a performance at the end of the workshop. This performance will be staged for an in-house audience comprising of family and friends of the students in the batch.


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key elements and highlights of the Chekhov Technique, including the power of imagination, psychological gesture, atmosphere, and physicality.
  • Apply the principles of this technique to expand your imaginative capacity for better characterisation.
  • Develop skills to embody heightened emotional truthfulness and conviction in performances with more vivid and authentic portrayals of characters.
  • Acquire proficiency in script analysis and rehearsal techniques specific to this method, enabling a deeper exploration of character dynamics and relationships.
  • Elevate your acting skills and become better equipped with the craft, integrating the transformative aspects of the Chekhov Technique.


  • Shoot a performance using this technique and showcase the same for a live audience at the end of the workshop.
  • Receive a certificate on successful completion of the workshop.


  • Anyone who is 18 years of age and above and is previously trained in acting.
  • Alumni of our diploma programme who have successfully completed their training at Actor Prepares.
  • Trained actors with prior professional acting experience seeking to refine their skills and deepen their understanding of the craft.
  • Anyone who has a strong foundation in acting and a sincere commitment to furthering their artistic growth.


A post-graduate in Screen Acting from FTII & MICHA US Chekhov Grade 1 teacher, Alok is a popular name in the teaching industry. Recently he played a prominent part in an Amazon series “Jubilee” directed by Vikram Motwane. He also featured as an actor in acclaimed films like Manto, Raazi, which also starred Alia Bhatt. His wide range of experience gathered from having trained amateur and professional actors of over five years makes him a key asset to the faculty force at Actor Prepares.


  • Applicants should be 18 years and above.
  • Applicants should be able to read, speak and write either English or Hindi fluently.
  • The sessions will be conducted in Mumbai across 4 weeks with classes being conducted between Monday to Friday for 3 hours.
  • The schedule and fees are specifically for a group session. For those who want to train in a private one-to-one session, please contact our counsellors for guidance.
  • Admission into this workshop is direct. To block a seat the applicant needs to register and pay the fee.
  • There are NO auditions conducted and admissions are on a first come, first seat basis.
  • Towards the end of the workshop the participants may need to dedicate additional time on weekdays and/or weekends for rehearsals, performances, and shoots.
  • It is mandatory for the participant to attend all the 15 days of the workshop to receive the certification.
  • Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before applying.
  • Batch start dates are subject to change at management discretion.
  • Outstation student seeking accommodation in Mumbai can reach out to the admissions team for assistance.
  • This workshop is physically and mentally demanding and will need a complete commitment on the part of the participant.
  • Any expenses on stationary, costumes or properties required for the classroom sessions will have to be borne by the participant over and above the tuition fee.