Project Description

Actor Prepares - Young Actors Training Program
Actor Prepares - Young Actors Training Program


This is an interactive and transformative workshop designed to enhance participants’ vocal skills and communication abilities crucial for making a career in the Entertainment Industry. The workshop will cover both theory and practice, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of vocal anatomy, breath control, the connection between voice and emotions, and dubbing. The participants will also have the opportunity to visit a radio station and immerse themselves in the world of radio broadcasting as a part of field study.

Through individual and group exercises, participants gain hands-on experience and personalized feedback to refine their vocal abilities, including speech nuances like diction, pacing, emphasis, and phrasing. Participants will also explore the impact of body language and non-verbal communication on vocal delivery while focusing on various vocal techniques such as projection, articulation, intonation, and vocal dynamics.

This is a 20 day workshop where each session is conducted for 2 hours. All the students will be mentored for a performance at the end of the workshop. This performance will be staged for an in-house audience compromising of family and friends of the participants.


  • Develop vocal projection and clarity to effectively communicate in various settings.
  • Expand vocal range and control for expressive performances and engaging presentations.
  • Acquire practical strategies for maintaining vocal health and stamina.
  • Develop confidence in using the voice as a versatile tool.
  • Enhance articulation and diction for clear and impactful speech.
  • Explore different tones, accents, resonators and speech patterns, and learn to adapt voice to different genres, contexts, and characters.
  • Understand the role of breath control and its influence on vocal production.
  • Explore the connection between emotions and vocal expression.
  • Gain awareness of body language and non-verbal communication in relation to vocal delivery.
  • Provide participants with a first-hand experience of a professional radio station environment, allowing them to gain insights into the industry and practical knowledge about voice acting for radio.


  • Apply learned techniques to engage and captivate an audience in a live performance.
  • Receive a certificate on successful completion of the workshop.


  • Individuals wanting to pursue a career in the radio, dubbing and voice acting industries.
  • Actors, public speakers, and presenters who want to strengthen their voice for performances or presentations.
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their vocal skills, overall communication abilities, and develop a commanding and persuasive speaking voice.
  • Professionals in fields such as teaching, sales, or customer service who rely on effective verbal communication.


Sapna Bhatt has been an accomplished RJ and voice artist/actor for over a decade, both nationally and internationally. Currently hosting one of the most listened-to morning radio shows on one of the leading radio stations in India, among her many accolades, she has hosted live events and lent her voice to podcasts, TV commercials, and film dubbings. She commands attention when required and, at the same time, has a flair for elusiveness when it comes to finding a definition, as there is none comparable. She has also helped actors by helping them with diction classes when required.

Sapna mastered her art and has been perfecting it ever since with fiery vigour and passion. Not only will she inspire passionate work, but she will also instil the habit of working hard to achieve those dreams. A master of her voice that can transform it at will and enchant you at the same time.


  • Applicants should be 16 years and above.
  • Applicants should be able to read, speak and write either English or Hindi fluently.
  • The sessions will be conducted in Mumbai across 4 weeks with classes being conducted from Monday to Friday for 2 hours.
  • The schedule and fees are specifically for a group session. For those who want to train in a private one-to-one session, please contact our counsellors for guidance.
  • Admission into this workshop is direct. To block a seat the applicant needs to register and pay the fee.
  • There are NO auditions conducted and admissions are on a first come, first seat basis.
  • Towards the end of the workshop the participants may need to dedicate additional time on weekdays and/or weekends for rehearsals, performances, and shoots.
  • It is mandatory for the participant to attend all the 20 days of the workshop to receive the certification.
  • Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before applying.
  • Batch start dates are subject to change at management discretion.
  • Outstation student seeking accommodation in Mumbai can reach out to the admissions team for assistance.
  • This workshop is physically and mentally demanding and will need a complete commitment on the part of the participant.
  • Any expenses on stationary, costumes or properties required for the classroom sessions will have to be borne by the participant over and above the tuition fee.