Project Description


Acting | English | Hindi | 1 hrs        Sunday 03 April 2022  06:00 PM – 7:00 PM      Watch on zoom  Rs 2000 (inclusive of GST)



Join Deepa for this one-hour session every week for a month which has emphasis on functional movements, cardio, overall strength, and mind body coordination. The sessions will also focus on core to build its strength. Through the session you will build endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Session 1: Shadow Boxing

This training will help you polish your boxing skills. It’s an act of punching into the air usually without an opponent as an exercise.

Session 2: Circuit training

This training will help your conditioning your full body which includes endurance training, resistance training & kind of interval training.

Session 3: Tabata

Session 3 is all about pushing your limits. It’s going to be a high intensity class of exercises with very shorter periods of rest.

Session 4: Power yoga

Sesssion4 is a cycle of Functional movements with major core involvement.

Take Aways

You will learn the right technique and the form of doing these workouts.

You will know which muscle is involved in which exercise.

You will learn Overall benefits of these workouts.

Instructor Details:

Deepa Tanna is a celebrity health coach and a personal trainer with an experience of more than 15 years in Fitness. She is a certified Personal training from Exercise Science Academy(ESA), based on ACSM guidelines. She has a certification in Personal training from Exercise Training Academy(Pune). She also has an International Certification on Fitness training from Nautilus Academy. She has learned Medical Yoga therapy from Iyengar Institute, Pune, and gotten her Mat Pilates certification from Stott Pilates and power yoga from ASFP Fitness Institute. She has done workshops on Fasting and guest lecturers on Fitness at Actor Prepares.

She has worked in International Gyms like Nautilus and True Fitness and in Indias biggest chain of gyms, Talwalkars. She currently works as a freelancer health coach is trained Celebrities like Sheeba, Rhea Kapoor and currently Mr. Anupam Kher and Mrs. Sunita Kapoor.

There are going to be fun workouts with mind body co-ordination and a complete package of workouts which will increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility.


4 session of 1 hours

Batch Start Date: 03rd April 2022

Time: 6 pm to 07:00 pm

Fee: Rs 2000 (inclusive of GST)