Actor Vijay Varma and Director Sujoy Ghosh visit Actor Prepares Institute to promote Jaane Jaan

Actor Prepares, recently played host to a captivating and lively guest lecture featuring actor Vijay Varma and acclaimed director Sujoy Ghosh. The event offered a distinctive chance to delve into the making of their latest collaboration, the Netflix movie “Jaane Jaan”

Director Sujoy Ghosh who is well known for his critically acclaimed movies, known for his unique approach to storytelling, began by expressing his admiration for the source material of “Jaane Jaan.” He revealed that while many perceived it as a murder mystery, he saw it as a story centered on friendship and a woman’s journey of self-discovery.

Vijay Varma, who portrayed the flamboyant character Karan in “Jaane Jaan,” shed light on his approach to the role. He emphasized that he closely followed the character cues provided in the script, which allowed him to infuse the character with exceptional energy, making his character a standout in the film. The actor also emphasized the importance of creating a bond with co-actors, especially where the chemistry plays a crucial role, highlighting that relationships are at the core of every performance.

The discussion also touched upon the challenges and advice for our aspiring actors. Sujoy Ghosh advised our actors as to how an actor has to adapt to the journey of the character. “You have to be a character, and that cannot be connected personally; the moment you connect, then you are not truthful to yourself.”

In conclusion, Vijay Varma and Sujoy Ghosh both emphasized the importance of setting and following goals, embracing rejection as part of the journey, and, above all, being truthful to the characters they portray.

The event served as an inspiring insight into the world of acting and the dedication required to make audiences believe in the stories being told on screen. We express our sincere thanks to Vijay Varma & Sujoy Ghosh for offering their valuable insights into the industry, advising our students on the need for perseverance and dedication.

Actor Vijay Varma and Director Sujoy Ghosh visit Actor Prepares Institute to promote Jaane Jaan