Actor Prepares collaborates with Leo Club of Juhu for a One-Day Workshop

Actor Prepares conducted an interactive one-day workshop at the Andheri campus with Leo Club of Juhu, a non-profit organization that aims to provide a platform where the youth of this nation can come together and contribute to a brighter future.

An energizing experience awaited the participants as they explored the world of acting during the 3-hour workshop. The workshop was focused on developing the body and speech movement which proved to be a captivating day for all involved, offering participants a glimpse into the world of acting.

Over the span of 3 hours, students learned to harness the power of their bodies for communication, embraced the whole process of body movement, and developed stronger communication abilities and self-confidence. It was truly captivating to observe the participants engage with such enthusiasm

Actor Prepares workshops are not confined to aspiring actors alone; they cater to welcoming anyone aiming to enhance their skills and confidence. If you want to conduct a workshop like this for your students, email us on [email protected]