Actor Ishan Saxena Joins Netflix Originals Dabba Cartel Following Successive Rise in Career

Our alumnus Ishan Saxena, known for his remarkable journey from our institution to the screens, has recently been enlisted for the upcoming Netflix Originals series, Dabba Cartel, produced by Excel Entertainments.

Saxena’s ascent in the entertainment industry stems from his foundation at Actor Prepares, where he engaged in rigorous creativity-building activities. These endeavors equipped him with a profound sense of imagination, enabling him to authentically react and respond truthfully—an indispensable skill for effective acting.

Having honed his craft, Ishan Saxena has graced various television shows, including ‘Shubh Laabh’ on Sab TV, ‘Imlie’ on Star Plus and ‘Crime Patrol’ on Sony TV, along with numerous appearances in TV commercials. His talent has also caught the eye of prominent film producers, earning him roles in the upcoming movie ‘Patna Shukla’ by Arbaaz Khan Films and the OTT show ‘Mandala Muderes’ by Yashraj Films.

Saxena’s success underscores the transformative impact of quality training and unwavering dedication to the craft. As he ventures into new projects, his journey serves as a testament to the significance of nurturing talent and fostering a conducive environment for artistic growth.