Vedika Bhandari, an Actor Prepares alumnus features in the MX player web series Indori Ishq.

The Spotlight Series showcases performances by Actor Prepares alumni with the aim to promote them for various casting opportunities films, television and digital projects as actors and performers.

Today India celebrates its 75th year of Independence. And History has it that many have sacrificed lives so that India can be a free country. But somehow, we Indians at the most individual level have always fallen prey the norms set by the Society. India may have achieved its independence as a country but are we Indians free? And Udaan is just about that. It is about these 6 characters that decided to choose freedom over the barricades set by society and find independence in their own little way.


Udaan, An Anthology Of Monologues, Spotlight Series produced by Actor Prepares.


Umesh Sonavane comes from Kalyan, Maharashtra. By profession, he is a doctor but since he was a kid, he always dreamt of becoming an Actor. He has done Theatre for the past many years but his love for cinema always tops the chart. Besides that, he loves to write poems, articles, sketching and Dancing.

Umesh plays a small-town boy, but his dreams are big. He works as a waiter in a 5-star hotel in Mumbai, but his ultimate life goal is to become a famous and a renowned Actor.

Udaan, An Anthology Of Monologues, Spotlight Series produced by Actor Prepares.PRASHANSA RAO

Prashansa Rao comes from Alwar, Rajasthan, Alumnus of Actor Prepares. She chose acting as her career because she has always been interested in cinema. She used to love watching movies and making films, so she did her master’s in film production after which she worked as an Assistant Director in a few projects in Pune. On the sets, she realised that being behind the camera is great, but she would like to experience the magic of being in front of the camera as well. That’s where her journey started, and she came to Mumbai to take it forward.

For Udaan, she is performing the role of a bride, who chose to run away from her own wedding and not fall prey to the societal norms and in bargain experience freedom.

Udaan, An Anthology Of Monologues, Spotlight Series produced by Actor Prepares.ABHISHEK SHUKLA

Abhishek Shukla is from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. He started acting because he loves to entertain people. He believes that there can’t be a better way to entertain people other than the art of acting.

Abhishek will be performing the character of Manav, who’s very frustrated with his corporate life and he wants to get freedom from this rat-race.

Udaan, An Anthology Of Monologues, Spotlight Series produced by Actor Prepares.CHAHAT ARORA

Chahat Arora from Bathinda, Punjab is an alumnus of Actor Prepares. She chose acting because acting makes her feel alive. Her love for acting started when she was sitting in front of her mom’s dresser, applying her makeup, and playing with expressions. Moving forward, she started taking part in school plays and college plays. She always knew, she will be pursuing this as a profession so here she is enjoying every bit of it.

For Udaan, she is performing the character of Siya Khanna,  who’s growing fame as an Actor is unstoppable but at the expense of her happiness.

Udaan, An Anthology Of Monologues, Spotlight Series produced by Actor Prepares.SIDDHANT YADAV

Siddhant Yadav from Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh always was inclined towards cinema. He always wanted to be seen and be noticed for his craft.

For Udaan, he performs a character named Suraj who, up until today had been dealing with major identity crisis.

Udaan, An Anthology Of Monologues, Spotlight Series produced by Actor Prepares.SUVARNA MENON

Suvarna Menon from Kochi, Kerala is a former diploma student of Actor Prepares. Acting is like breathing to her and hence, she says, “we are inseparable”.

For Udaan, she is portraying the character of Meera, a woman, a wife, who chooses freedom and self-worth over the preconceived notions set by the society.

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Grew up in Mumbai, the city of dreams. Watching movies and reading books played a very major role in her upbringing. She has always been very creatively active and curious which led her to experiment with performing arts. Acting makes her feel alive and it’s been a very transformative experience. She’s a Business Administration Graduate who enjoys writing, painting and kickboxing in her free time.

Shreya is performing Kriti’s Character. Kriti is a young entrepreneur who is an anchor of her grandmother’s dreams, who is her well-wisher. She draws inspiration from people around her and makes it a purpose to help out. In her journey, she not only changes her life but also the lives around her.

Shreya Verma


From Chennai and has completed his bachelor’s in Civil engineering. The very first time he participated in a theatre workshop and stepped on the stage, He was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. There on, everything changed for him and to experience this forever, He decided to take up acting as his career. Apart from this, he has watched quite a lot of cinema which built his interest towards the craft. He is a self-taught photographer, loves to read and has an interest towards screenwriting as well.

Sadasivam is playing Vikrams Character. Vikram is a photojournalist who opens up about his personal experiences with his job , everyday challenges and his coping mechanism towards it. He approaches the difficult situations in a more optimistic way amidst all the downs he faces through his journey.



All the way from Vadodara, Gujarat. She has always been fascinated by the whole process of acting since her childhood. She used to take part in school plays and enact scenes from movies and TV shows for fun and She finally decided to pursue it as her career. Apart from that she has studied Criminology and also loves to dance to Bollywood songs.

She plays a character of a woman who faced a lot of hardships in her marriage and stayed silent through it because marriages are always supposed to workout but in the end still escaped and found herself through her love for her career.



Shubham comes from the North, New Delhi. He has always loved cinema since he was a child but was very shy and under confident about himself as a result of which He always held back in school. When He entered college, He thought of breaking the walls and let go. Acting is his first love. Besides this He loves playing all kinds of sports, be it football, squash, cricket, all of it!

He plays the role of Lieutenant Deepak Sherawat, a young army officer opens up about the time when a small gesture from him had a huge impact on someone which changed his perspective about hope and life, and how the incident affected him personally and his thought process.



Khushboo is from Kashmir and has recently completed her Diploma in acting at Actor Prepares. She grew up watching movies and her passion towards acting made her mimic all her favourite characters.

Khushboo will be performing a monologue about a girl’s struggle and how she fought with it alone and evolved all by herself.


We Hope you enjoy the show. To cast them for any films, television or digital shows, please email at [email protected].