Rains play quite an important role in movies. They help create scenes expressing a variety of emotions; from romance to pure mischief! Rains represent many things to people in the subcontinent. For the farmers, it represents the spawning of a fresh lease of life with the sowing season. For romanticists, it heralds a new season for love. For the brooders, it might just be a melancholic time.

For this monsoon season, we have compiled few of the best rain scenes from Bollywood movies. Let us hear from you about your choice….

1. Lagaan

A film with ten thousand actors, Lagaan is definitely an unforgettable one in the history of Indian cinema. Set in the British Raj, we absolutely went hysterical during the climax, for that was the power of the rain scene. Towards the end, as the villagers defeat the British in a cricket match, it starts raining heavily in a traditionally drought-stricken area.  As we see the villagers dance in the rain in the glory of their victory, the British are running for cover, symbolizing their defeat. It ends with the protagonist’s mother looking at the sky with a content heart. This is one rain scene we can go back to every now and then.

2. Mother India

Few movies have become as iconic as Mother India. It is a movie that shows the rural side of the country with a dramatic climax. The most memorable scene is one where the village gets flooded and the crops are washed away due to the cloudburst. We see the protagonist with her three children, without her husband, struggling through the bitter realities  of life. For generations since, it has become the embodiment of the spirit of Mother India….

3. Kaagaz Ke Phool

Guru Dutt’s classic Kaagaz Ke Phool  begins with a rainy scene. It shows that anything can happen on a rainy day!  Suresh, a film director, lends his coat to a stranger and a relationship is forged. And it leads to Shanti becoming a heroine.  A riveting story full of ironies, the film was a box office disaster; only to become a world classic.

4. Wake Up Sid

Wake Up Sid was a rage amongst the youth when released and almost everybody from the age of 17 to 20 could relate to it. Not only did it encourage the youths to follow their passion but also showed us that everybody has some talent in them that is waiting to be discovered. The film also showed a more beautiful side of Mumbai, in the rains. The concluding scene of the film where Aisha confesses her love for Sid and the city through an article in her Magazine is by far the best one in the movie. The two meet near the sea while the city is lashed by rains and their hug is something that is etched in memories.

5. Kaun?

Then there are psycho thrillers that have the rains as a backdrop. Kaun?  was one such movie by Ram Gopal Varma with Urmila Matondkar in a remarkable performance. The climax is particularly mind-blowing with her killing the man and revealing that she is the psychopath that’s on the loose. This revelation happens while it rains on the terrace of the house. Definitely a must watch rainy scene, isn’t it?

Let us know what you feel about these scenes. If there are others you would want to add to the list, write to us in the comments section below.