Sanjana Doss presents an extremely well researched performance of a teenager affected with Tourette’s syndrome, a nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds. These constant tics makes it difficult for one to make friends, accepted in society and above all invites bullying. Her imagination gives her the motivation to keep moving ahead and helps her focus on her strengths and ward away all negativity. Sanjana creates an atmosphere of reality and draws us into a world where we realise the importance of one’s attitude in face of bullying and negativity.

The Spotlight Series showcases performances by Actor Prepares alumni with the aim to promote them for various casting opportunities films, television and digital projects as actors and performers.

Sanjana Doss is a young and promising actor originally from Bangalore and has moved to Mumbai recently. She completed her training as a professional actor with Actor Prepares in 2019 and was immediately noticed for her sharp acting skills and screen presence. She has already signed a few South Indian films as the lead actor and has been approached for projects in Hindi language as well.

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