Nishi Prajapati’s takes stage with this heart wrenching act portraying the character of a girl returning from a party where she was raped. What does this girl go through after she has been subject to such a heinous act? What crosses her mind? Is there any solace or is her soul broken forever? A must watch act, this performance has a beautiful ending for our society.

Nishi recalling how this act was conceptualised, “I wanted to do something very different than normal and this concept stood out the most. Me and Suraj Sir (my acting coach at Actor Prepares) decided that the character would have a stronger impact on the audience if it were done sans any dialogue and through a layered expression of her anguish. Moments before I was to take the stage, I stood in a corner, backstage, recollecting my past experiences and driving myself to feel the hurt, pain and breakdown that my character would feel, a procedure I was taught by my acting coaches at Actor Prepares. That helped me channel all my emotions and resulted in me actually crying on stage and thus winning my audience who gave me a thunderous standing applause. It was a huge achievement for me.”

The Spotlight Series showcases performances by Actor Prepares alumni with the aim to promote them for various casting opportunities films, television and digital projects as actors and performers.

Watch Nishi’s full performance here

Nishi Prajapati, raised in the United States of America graduated with a degree in Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Wisconsin. While pursuing her college degree, besides doing odd jobs at various accounting firms, she also was actively engaged in Theatre. After graduating in December 2018, she arrived in Mumbai to train as a professional actor with Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares and registered for the Diploma in Acting Programme and completed her training in April 2019.

To cast her please email Ayushi Sarda at [email protected].