Neo- Western action thriller film 'Thar' director ‘Raj Chaudhary’ in a Guest Lecture at Actor Prepares.

An Indian actor, screenwriter and film director Raj Chaudhary delivered a Guest Lecture at Actor Prepares. Sharing his inspirational journey in the field of entertainment. Raj appeared in the 2003 film Kuch Naa Kaho which starred Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan. Chaudhary was inspired to write his own script after seeing the film Satya written by Anurag Kashyap.

Kashyap, being his mentor wrote a new screenplay based on Chaudhary’s original script for what would eventually become the film Gulaal. In addition to his work on Gulaal, Chaudhury also assisted on the set of Black Friday while playing a minor role and wrote the short story on which No Smoking is based. He next appeared in Sushil Rajpal’s film Antardwand which won the 2007 National Film Award for Best Film on Social Issues and was released in 2010.

Raj spoke about shooting the film Thar in the rugged desert and shared, “It was a tough shoot in terms of terrain”. Thar is inspired by Western noir genre. It follows a city man who moves to a village located in the wilderness for some exploration work but there’s more to him than what meets the eye. It was released on Netflix on 6 May 2022.

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It was a great experience for the students of the diploma batch to learn from his stories and know about the challenges an actor and a director goes through while shooting for a scene. Guest Lecture Series is an integral part of the Diploma in Acting programme at Actor Prepares, in which professionals from the Film, Media and Entertainment industry are invited to visit Actor Prepares and interact in an engaging session.

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