“I want to become an actor,” this is what I told my family after quitting my steady, well-paying job and the immediate reaction was as expected. “Why are you giving up your comfortable life?” “But why do you want to ruin your life? It’s too late to become an actor.” Very few people understand such decisions one takes in his life. Most of us who aspire to be actors go through this at some point or the other.

Like me there are thousands of people who nurture a passion of becoming an actor but many don’t even make an attempt to do what they really love doing. But to achieve something in life, one must move forward and make a sincere attempt instead of giving in to circumstances. Keeping this in mind I enrolled for a diploma course at Actor Prepares.

I still remember the first question Anupam Sir asked us: How do you rate yourself as an actor out of 10? I gave myself 2 points considering I was a fresher. When I left the institute we were asked the same question and my reply was 4 .You might feel gaining 2 points in 3 months is not much but believe me it was quite an achievement for someone who is so new to the field.

The above statement may not be relevant to many people but I strongly believe from what i have learnt at Actor Prepares, that one cannot learn how to act in 3 months, no one can, but what you can do is create a strong foundation and learn techniques that help you make a good actor over a period of time.

In these 3 months, Actor Prepares hasbeen more than just an acting school, it’s been a holistic experience where both our mind and body were trained and developed to prepare us for the challenges ahead.The entire curriculum of the course has been planned carefully to make the process of learning ‘how to act’ engaging without being overwhelming.It covers all aspects like diction, body language, emotions, improvisation, speech, dialogue delivery, method acting, camera facing etc. so well, that when you come out of the school, you feel confident as an actor.I think this course teaches you much more than just acting. All you need to have is the willingness and passion to learn as much as you can.

I cannot speak about Actor Prepares without mentioning my teachers. The faculty is outstanding and I consider myselfprivileged to have learnt under their guidance. Words fail me to describe how wonderful each and every member of the faculty is. I cannot thank them enough for making this experience so enriching.

I can say without a doubt that this has been an extraordinary experience for me, where I came to know myself much better than who I was. I discovered myself as an actor, developed everlasting friendships and most importantly, discovered my true passion.

What this course did for me was to make me realise what made me happy and content in life – “ Acting” and I will always be grateful for that. Whether I become a star or not I will always be associated with the field in some way or the other. Actor Prepares for me was a medium through which I could live my dream. I would give up anything if I could live those three months again.

I will always be thankful to Anupam Sir and all the faculty members for making these months one of the best experiences in my life; something that will stay with me forever.

Juhi Hegde