Robin Williams started his career during the mid 1970s doing stand up comedy shows at the San Francisco Bay Area. Ever since, he has grown himself to be a great actor with a wide variety of roles over the years.

Not only has he given us some great movies on-screen, but he has also given us a great laugh off screen with his stand up comedy as well! A multi talented actor with a huge array of movies under his belt, Robin Williams has won many prestigious awards like the Golden Globe Award for best actor, multiple times for his role in movies and TV shows like Mork and Mindy , Good Morning Vietnam and The Fisher King. Between 1977 and 2014, a whooping 106 credits were attributed to him for various movies that he has been a part of!

To mark his birthday on the 21st July, here is our tribute to the legendary Robin Williams! We’ve compiled a list if five best Robin Williams Movies

Dead Poet’s Society

The Oscar winning movie, with sixteen wins and eighteen nominations including Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 1990, BAFTA award for best film in 1990 and an award from Casting Society of America in 1990, is the story about an English teacher who inspires students by his teachings in poetry. John Keating (Robin Williams) is introduced to a boys school that has a reputation of ancient traditions and maintaining high standards of education. Keating uses unorthodox ways to connect with his students and teach them poetry. Directed by Peter Weir and written by Tom Schulman, this movie is by far the best performance by Robin Williams.

Good Will Hunting

Directed by Gus Van Sant, this movie is about a gifted genius in mathematics who is struggling to find his own identity; he is capable of solving any problem that comes his way, except his own. His true potential is recognized when he meets his soul mate who makes him realize his true potential. The movie’s tagline is very aptly mentioned, as some people never believe in themselves, until someone believes in them.

One Hour Photo

Directed by Mark Romanek, One Hour Photo is the story of a photo technician at a one hour photo developing clinic who strives to give the store’s customers a very high quality service. He is shown as a lonely individual whose favorite customers are the Yorkin family, for whom he has been developing the negatives for the past few years. The story revolves around him trying to be a part of the family and how he gets fired from his job during the process while reconstructing his career. The movie has an imaginative ending where the technician is shown as a part of the family in a photo frame.


Based on a true story, the movie showcases Robin Williams as Dr. Malcolm Slayer who has taken a job at a New York psychiatric hospital where he is put in charge of several catatonic patients. After hearing about the positive reports of a drug L-DOPA, Dr. Slayer is allowed to test it on a patient. Gradually the patient starts reacting to the drug and start communicating. There is a lot of hope generated, but the results are short lived. In the end, as the patient returns to his original state, Dr Slayer notices a behavioural change in himself.


Directed by Christopher Nolan, this movie has one of the best performances from Robin Williams, he portrays a sleep deprived investigator who is sent to a small town to investigate the murder of a teenage girl. The plot of the movie revolves around the events escalating to such levels that the investigator’s own stability seems to have been dangerously threatened.