Dive into the magic world - Shubham Bijarnia

Since the time I was in school, I have always loved watching movies. I always used to be the first one to watch any movie that was released, and I was called the ‘FILMY KEEDA’ of my gang.

I always wanted to perform since I was child, but somehow, I held myself back because I was very shy and underconfident. I had the zeal to act, not in open but behind the doors, inside my room, I was my own star.

My dad always quoted ‘whenever a phase of life ends, look back, see where you went wrong, learn, and apply it in the next phase’.

Life took a different turn when I entered engineering college. I knew this is the place where I had to upgrade myself and be a better version not only in academics but also in drama. I took a deep breath and thought that now is the time to let all my insecurities go and do what I wanted to always do. Next thing I know, I was auditioning for my college dramatics society. So nervous yet so happy. Even though I got rejected, I was happy that I tried. I didn’t give up – still a hero behind the doors, performing alone and self-improving my skills. I got lucky in the next audition and became a part of the dramatics club. It just felt like I was a step closer to my dream. This club was the only escape from the stressful life I had. It is something that kept me sane, gave me happiness and motivated me to do bigger things in life.

That’s were my acting journey started. From being this underconfident shy guy to performing full length Hindi and English plays. I knew I had progressed. I had reached a point in my life that there was no looking back. Performing a character and being on stage was my ultimate source of happiness and in life, happiness is what one seeks, right ? So, I thought why not make a career out of it ?

I completed my engineering in the infamous year of 2020 when the first wave of the pandemic hit us, with so much uncertainty around , I felt lost as to how should I start and that’s when Actor Prepares came to my rescue. I had heard about the institution and the uniqueness of their courses, so, I enrolled myself into their 3 Month Diploma Programme in Acting. It was by far the best decision of my life. The infrastructure, the teaching methods, the faculty, the life at Actor Prepares is extra – ordinary. It just feels like you’re on a movie set. There is something about this place that feels so different that cannot be expressed in words. The faculty here is nothing short of a gold mine, such acclaimed teachers whose knowledge and methods not just make you better at your craft as an actor but also will have a positive impact on you as a person.

Now when I look back at my performance before I joined the school and my final performance, I could see a stark difference as to how much I had evolved as an actor. This was only possible because of rigorous training imparted by the teachers at Actor Prepares that I literally had no spare time for distractions, and we were always busy with assignments.

This school has left such a positive impact on me as an artist, for which I’ll be forever grateful to them. ” Acting is doing ” & I did it. All those who think that they have the keeda of being an Actor, let it all go and just dive in. This place is just MAGIC.

I have also performed for QISEE, the spotlight series at Actor Prepares. Please do watch my performance and do not forget to like, share and comment.