Being a neuroscientist by qualification, my journey towards becoming an actor and now, the winner of a title, has been a rather memorable one. I graduated with an Honours degree in Neurosciences back in 2019. Even though I had spent significant number of years in Science, I was always inclined towards performing arts. I always loved watching movies and dancing my heart out. I was never shy in front of the camera and was always enthusiastic about performing on stage.

My passion for performing arts continued in my college days as well, when I was awarded the ‘Miss Talented’ title for my performance in Cultural events. It triggered me to ponder my choice of neurosciences and wonder if I really wanted to pursue science. Soon after college, I got a chance to do a print ad for a shampoo brand. It felt like a dream had come true. I saw my face on billboards, in magazines, and newspapers. That ad gave me the confidence that I was indeed capable of becoming a part of the industry.

I started seeking the right kind of guidance and looking out for opportunities.

After a lot of convincing, my parents permitted me to move to Mumbai and pursue my passion for performing arts.

And that’s when my journey with Actor Prepares began!

I completed a full time Diploma course and it was the best decision I had taken for myself. For the first time, I didn’t feel like a failure. I feel blessed to have been trained by the best in the industry. Actor Prepares groomed me into a charming and confident personality. It helped me believe in my dreams no matter what.

My life again took a pause when a tough year like 2020 began.

The lockdown took a toll on my mental health. I didn’t want to sit idle, so I started making dance covers. I then signed up for an online beauty pageant, India’s Miss TGPC. I was then shortlisted. It was a learning process for me and I was happy to learn so much from every contestant and every mentor. As a matter of fact, whatever I learned at Actor Prepares was useful even in this competition. The training I received at Actor Prepares has helped me improve my communication skills and has helped me face the camera more confidently.

The teachers taught us the value of punctuality, which helped me in understanding the importance of discipline. The diploma course was an eye-opener and helped me realize that acting was not just about memorizing lines.

The course transformed me into a stage performer and that helped me a lot in winning the pageant as well. The faculty at Actor Prepares trained us to break our inhibitions and use our imperfections to our advantage.

I am eternally grateful to each and every single day that I spent in such an iconic institution. I thank Actor Prepares from the bottom of my heart and wish to reach newer heights in 2021!

Shine on Actor Prepares!