Project Description


The Online Acting Course helps you learn acting from home trained by India’s best acting coaches teaches. You will be able to learn, understand, practice and apply various acting techniques that will help you discover the actor within and over a period of time become an expert at the craft.

The course is a combination of exercises, practical’s, theory, assignments and feedback. This unique style of training helps you grasp and apply the learning effectively.


  • Definition of Acting.
  • How to communicate using your Body and Voice as tools
  • Elements of effective speech and importance of diction
  • How to develop your creativity and imagination.
  • Understand how to convey emotions as an actor.
  • How to practice acting everyday


  • Assignments to help you improve
  • Certificate of completion
  • 10% discount into the advance online courses


  • If you are passionate about wanting to learn acting.
  • If you are 10 years of age and above
  • If you have little or no acting experience
  • If you wish to learn acting from your home anywhere in the world.
  • If you want to develop a confident personality
  • If you want to to improve your public speaking skills
  • If you want to to get over your stage fright and fear of performance before an audience.
  • If you want to improve their social skills
  • If you can read, speak and write either English or Hindi fluently


10 sessions of 1.5 hour each.

Classes conducted thrice a week on alternate days

New batches starting every week


Rs 15,000 per person (for group sessions)

Rs 55,000 (for personalised one-on-one sessions)

Payment method: Bank transfer / Paytm / Google pay


  1. A comfortable seat with the student at eye level with the laptop/iPad/tablet propped up on a desk. No hand held devices to be used.
  2. A laptop / desktop with a web camera, audio mic, a pair of headphones (preferred with a mike attached) and a minimum of a 4G internet connection.
  3. A group session will have 3 to 5 participants interacting simultaneously with the trainer. A private class (one-on-one) will have only one participant in the online class with the trainer.
  4. A small clear area in front of your camera for you to be able to step back and perform with a clear view for the trainer.
  5. You will need to download the Zoom app on your device by visiting: & selecting the option zoom client for meetings.
  6. A notepad and a pen.
  7. A water bottle so that there is no interruption between the sessions. No food to be consumed during the class.
  8. The student has to make sure that there is silence in the surroundings when the class is conducted and no external disturbance to the student.
  9. Any break taken by the student, will eat into the time of the class so please ensure you are freshened up and mentally and physically prepared for the classes to start and flow without any interruptions during the discourse.