Project Description

Learn the basics of Hindustani Music

Music | English | Hindi | 1 hr        Mon 22 Aug 2022   05:00 PM Watch on zoom  Rs 6000 (inclusive of GST)



Indian music went through a diverse and multi-faceted historical journey, becoming a microcosm of the psychedelic cultures that we see today. It was the 13th century that saw the divide of Indian music into two, north Indian music, popularly called Hindustani music, and south Indian music popularly known as Carnatic music.

This series of workshops is to educate the interested participants about ‘Hindustani Music’, and a specialisation in the vocal aspect of it. It is an academic journey unravelling the mystics of Music, Hindustani singing, practice, yoga and music, and Music therapy. Topics covered:

  1. What is Music
    • Music as an Art
    • Music and its components
    • Different forms and genres of Music
    • Hindustani Music
    • Basics of Indian Classical music
  2. How to perceive Indian Music
    • How to listen and understand
    • How to appreciate and analyze
    • Introduction to gharana parampara and various artists
    • Aesthetics in Indian Music
  3. How to Sing a Raag and a Raag Based Song
    • Raag as a concept
    • Basic of a Raag i.e. Swar laya and Taal
    • Exercises to Perfect Swar Laya and Taal
    • Elementary knowledge of a Raag
    • Compositions in a Raag
    • Perfecting a composition
  4. How to do Music Practice and introduction to Music Therapy
    • Music and Yoga
    • Various Breathing Exercises
    • Expressing through music
    • Healing through music


Abhinav is a Hindustani classical vocalist and a PhD scholar in the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, University of Delhi. He has been working in the field of Music Education with people from all age groups, especially children, including the underprivileged and kids with special needs. He has learned from various artists from different ‘Gharanas’ and currently exploring Patiala Gharana. His motive is to promote Indigenous Hindustani genres, traditional compositions and Indian musicology among the young generation.


  1. The class for age group 8 to 14 years is scheduled on every consecutive Monday & Wednesday for three weeks and the dates are 22nd, 24th, 29th, 31st August & 05th, 07th September.
  2. The class for age group 16 years & above is scheduled on every consecutive Tuesday & Thursday for three weeks and the dates are 23rd, 25th, 30th August & 1st, 6th, 8th September.
  3. Each session will be for 1 hour.


6 session of 1 hour each

Batch Start Date: 22nd Aug 2022

Time: 05:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Fee: Rs 6000 (inclusive of GST)