Project Description


Acting | English | Hindi | 5 hrs        Mon 21 Feb 2022  07:30 PM  Rs 3,500 (inclusive of GST)




Kalaripayattu is known for its long-standing history within Indian martial arts. It is believed to be the oldest surviving martial art in India. This Kalaripayattu workshop will introduce the basic forms and kicks, animal stances, Kalari exercises, and Kalari breathing pattern techniques. It will enable the learner to Learn to fight with sticks, knives, swords and shields, and many other types of weapons and use this practice to move through life with confidence, strength, and grace. It will also help the student to develop body memory and coordination, as well as enable controlled and focused flow of energy.

What are the benefits of practicing Kalari?

  • Relaxation of mind and works against anxiety and stress issues.
  • Astounding body weight loss.
  • Increase in stamina, endurance, and flexibility of the body.
  • Proper functioning of all the organs.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Promotes awareness about the connectedness of the body-mind, and soul.
  • The spiritual benefits are as prominent as physical.


Instructor Details:

Arpit Singh, a theatre practitioner and Kalaripayattu artist has been researching and performing from last 10 years. His training includes traditional Indian folk forms like Chhau, Gotipua, Baul, Fire Dance and Mime, Clowning, Physical Improvisation, Rhythm and Movement-based work.

Currently, he is working on his own research for body training called ‘The Art of Movement’- a physical approach to character’. Most recently, he performed in Shapeshift Collective’s Moonfool and Agent Provocateur, a dance-theatre piece. He is also a Kalaripayattu teacher in Mumbai, having trained at VMA, Thrissur and MMCS, Trivandrum, both in Kerala.

His class will feature combat and defense skills along with choreographic routines and breathing techniques.


5 sessions of 1 hour each

Batch Start Date: 21st February to 25th February (Monday – Friday)

Time: 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Fee: Rs 3,500 (inclusive of GST)

Location: Actor Prepares, Santacruz branch