Soni Srivastava completed her training at Actor Prepares in the Film & Theater Acting course. Where she learned various acting techniques and methods and also built her imagination, creativity and confidence as an actor. The course helped her to get rid of her stage fear, she learned to become more expressive, be more social and developed an overall unique and confident personality.

Maatarani Mounamidi‘ is the title of her upcoming movie directed by Suku Purvaj of ‘Shukra‘ fame. Presented by Rudra Pictures and PCR Group, the film has Mahesh Datta and Soni Srivastava as the lead pair. Releasing the first look of the movie, the makers said that it’s a love story that has thrills in store. The film is a multi-genre product. It has been designed to evoke intrigue. We see a boy and a girl hiding their faces, while love is a crucial element.

Unveiling the first look of Soni Srivastava the team wrote, “The Soul Lady of Maatarani Mounamidi” while sharing an image where the actress is dressed in sari and is curiously staring at something in front of her. ‘Love and mystery’ are the words that the makers have used to describe the film.

We are so proud of Soni and equally excited for the same.