Actor Prepares alumnus Kashish Rizwan features alongside Alia Bhatt for the latest promotional video of <em>Philipsindia</em>

Actor Prepares alumnus Preetham Makkihaali, making his mark in regional moive Kapo Kalpitam (Kannada film)

Preetham Makkihaali has completed his training at Actor Prepares in the Diploma Programme. The course follows a rigorous and experiential training schedule, mentored by the some of the best acting faculty at the institute. He learnt how to induce and convey various powerful emotions in a realistic and influential manner that captures the attention of his audiences on-screen.

We are so proud of Preetham and so excited for the movie.

Read more about the moive & Preetham’s character:

Watch out the Kapo Kalpitam moive trailer: