Kashish Rizwan  attended the Diploma Programme in Acting at Actor Prepares (The School For Actors)  she learnt how to induce and convey various powerful emotions in a realistic and influential manner that captured the attention of his audiences on-screen.

She has appeared in a lot of commercials including Margoo India, Hershey India, Vivo V20 India, Paytm, Coca cola India. Kashish stars alongside Alia Bhatt for the promotional video of Philipsindia.

Kashish features in the latest thriller drama film Jalsa (2022) produced by T-seriesJalsa narrates the story of a celebrated journalist Maya (Vidya Balan) and her cook Ruksana (Shefali Shah), who also looks after Maya’s specially-abled son Ayush. Things take a turn for worse when Ruksana’s 18-year-old daughter Alia (Kashish Rizwan) meets with a horrifying hit-and-run accident. This unfortunate incident brings Ruksana and Maya at loggerheads and they both try to tackle the situation with a few lies and secrets that cannot be unleashed. During its entire runtime of 128 minutes, it looks as if director Suresh Triveni was in a rush to quickly wrap up the film without bothering to turn several pages of the book.

The direction, the story and screenplay by Prajwal Chandrashekar and Triveni himself with dialogues by Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal, and Shiv Kumar Panicker’s editing effectively create a nervous strain in the narrative. The sense of unrelenting disquiet in Jalsa is enhanced by its apparent quietness and Saurabh Goswami’s fly-on-the-wall cinematography – the stark visuals sometimes literally served in CCTV form – with a palette ruled by black and grey. The film premiered on Amazon Prime Video on 18 March 2022.

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