Bajrangi Bhaijaan fame Harshaali Malhotra completed a personalized class in acting at Actor Prepares.

Drishika Chander attended the Diploma Programme in Acting at Actor Prepares. She made her debut in Deepak Reddy’s short-film Manasanamaha which has been making noise ever since it was released in March.

Manasanamaha, a palindrome meaning salutations to the mind, also stars Viraj Ashwin, Valli Raghvender, Prithvi Sharma and Bunny Abhiran. What’s unique about the film that’s catching everyone’s attention is the fact that the film shows the story unraveling in reverse, so do the engaging visuals on-screen. She plays a complete contrast to her role in Manasanamaha. The film is a love story set in a village with a completely new team.

The film was screened at various film festivals and received many accolades. She has won hearts by playing a relatable girl-next-door in this short-film. The actress has gotten nominated for Best Actress at Independent Short Awards, LA and Toronto International Nollywood Film Fest.

Watch the short-film Manasanamaha