With films such as Chocolate, Goal, Hate Story and Buddha in a Traffic Jam under his belt, there was a sense of excitement amongst the students when Mr Vivek Agnihotri accepted our invitation to conduct an acting workshop with the Diploma batch.

The workshop started with him posing the most crucial question, whether the students wanted to be Stars or Actors. He explained the difference between the two and then started his session from there explaining that it is more important to work towards being an actor as stardom will follow an actor and not vice versa. He then went on to teach them elements and importance creative acting, observation and positive attitude. He spoke about how important it is to be true to oneself.

Another very interesting thing he spoke about was the fact that actors need to be malleable. Mr. Agnihotri also advised the students that as actors it is just as important to look outside of themselves, as it is to look within and connect with their emotions. He also advised the actors to be flexible and not falling into clichéd categories.

Thank you Mr. Agnihotri for sharing your experience and teaching the students how to make a career as successful actors.