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Life comes full circle with Saaransh

It’s been thirty one long years since I debuted on the screen with the release of Saaransh on May 25, 1984. On this occasion, after acting in over 450 films, many international projects, hundreds of theatrical productions, I look back on the path I have traversed.

My Journey to becoming an Actor
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My Journey to becoming an Actor

“I want to become an actor,” this is what I told my family after quitting my steady, well-paying job and the immediate reaction was as expected. “Why are you giving up your comfortable life?” “But why do you want to ruin your life? It’s too late to become an actor.” Very few people understand such decisions one takes in his life. Most of us who aspire to be actors go through this at some point or the other.

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My Days at Actor Prepares

It felt as if I was living in a dream, walking across the stage, reaching for Anupam Sir’s out-stretched hand congratulating me. He wished me luck and smiled for a photograph. I had always dream of shifting to India, and when I had discovered Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares, I thought that this would be the best way to make my way across the world.

Priota Farelin Iftekhar
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Enacting of an acting dream

Priota Farelin Iftekhar is an actor in the making. She started her acting career when she first appeared in Airtel’s telefilms, “Impossible 5” in 2013.

Anu Lall
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5 things I learnt at Anupam Kher Acting classes

Recently finished a month long, evening course at the Anupam Kher Acting academy. Such courses are for people who never had a chance to explore this facet, or cannot commit full time to the profession, or people like me, just flirting with it.

Anupam Kher: Is He The Best Character Actor Ever?
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Anupam Kher: Is He The Best Character Actor Ever?

Anupam Kher is so popular and pervasive among the masses that it is now an inseparable part of not just the film industry, but millions of lives, who love cinema, and are moved by it. Anupam Kher has a Sahi Rating of 29% with over 100+ movies and 900+ reviews. Many believe, that Bollywood has […]

Anupam Kher
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Outlook India : 10 Questions – Anupam Kher

The actor on The Anupam Kher Show—Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai and why celebrities aren’t larger-than-life personalities

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Taking a character from the script to the screen

In one of the classes I teach, I have given my students an exercise – to watch the scene that introduces the character “Lucky Singh” in “Lage Raho Munnabhai”. There are very few lines of dialogue and 3 actors, but you have an idea of this character’s personality within seconds.

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Kuchh bhi ho sakta hai- yes, anything is possible!

I first heard about the show from the students of my class. Before I could begin the assigned work that morning, they all shouted, “Ma’am! Mr. Kher’s play is being staged at the NCPA…” They had heard it on Twitter and they were an excited bunch that morning. They had decided on their own that […]

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Interview – Juhi Chawla

Your villainous act in Gulaab Gang comes as a big shock to many, who are accustomed to seeing her in light-hearted or comic roles. What was your reaction when you were first offered this role? I was equally amazed at the offer when I first heard about it. I thought (director) Soumik Sen had lost […]

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Interview – Vidya Balan

A full-of-life Vidya Balan expounds on the side effects of marriage on her professional and personal lives. Has your marriage to Siddharth Roy Kapoor had a side-effect on your career? No. Honestly, the offers are more exciting post marriage! But I don’t think that has got anything to do with my marriage; that’s because the […]

Arjun Kapoor
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Arjun Kapoor – Interview Of The Week

Arjun Kapoor’s is shooting for Two States and dubbing for Gunday. With several films on hand, the young actor has immersed himself in work.