Devarshi Shah stars in the film Hardik Abhinandan

Actor Prepares Alumna, Devarshi Shah stars in Hardik Abhinandan

Actor Prepares Alumna, Devarshi Shah, plays the lead actor in a Gujarati film named Hardik Abhinandan which released on 11th November, 2016.

Devarshi plays the role of Hardik Mochi, a street smart and dominating boy who hails from Porbandar. He along with two other boys came to Ahmadabad as students and the film revolves around the their own dreams and fantasies and what happens to them as they proceed on their journey.

Devarshi graduated from the Diploma Programme at Actor Prepares where he was trained in all aspects of the craft including intensive acting for camera sessions.

It is a very encouraging to watch our students feature in films across all regional languages in India and we wish Devarshi all the best for his film and his career ahead

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