Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares will now offer courses in writing as a specialised programme. Screenplay is one of the most important elements of a good film and a strong script will always do wonders by taking the film to another level. Realizing this importance, Actor Prepares by Anupam Kher is now starting course in writing under the aegis of WRITER PREPARES, for all the aspiring writers by helping them get the maximum insight, knowledge and teaching them the technique of good script writing.

These courses will be conducted by trained and experienced faculty and will have some of the noted writers from the industry lending their expertise and teaching the tricks of the trade to the students. This course is designed to give every student a very hands-on and practical learning. To make it even more interesting the talented lecturers will share some noted film scripts that will help them understand this subject and the art even better, although the students will be trained and motivated to develop original, unique and strong content during the education of this course.

Writer Prepares offers the below courses in writing

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