4 Month Weekend Workshop

This programme is a sequel to the Part-time course and the Weekend Workshop providing students the opportunity to further sharpen their skills by training in the advanced modules of acting and dance offered in this course, while allowing them to maintain their regular personal schedules. It draws together an eclectic group of people ranging from young working professionals to people who are well-established in busy careers.

No. of Sessions: 35 (approximately)

Total Course Durations: 4 months

Saturdays and Sundays only

Saturday 6.00 pm to 9:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Age Criteria: 15 years and above

Tuition Fee:
Acting and Dance: Rs 75,000
Only Acting: Rs 65,000

Venue: Andheri Branch

Direct Admission. No audition and interviews to be conducted


Advanced-Weekend-WorkshopActing Techniques
This module equips an actor to engage in different genres of acting including drama, comedy across a spectrum of styles; from method to realistic to contemporary acting styles. The students are trained to perform live on stage as well as in front of the camera.
Advanced-Weekend-Workshop-DanceDance (optional)
Dance classes are helpful as there are many opportunities in commercials, music videos and musicals that need actors who can dance. Dance exercises also help actors learn how to control their body movements. ACTOR PREPARES trains its students in modern dance, Indian dance, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Bollywood routines.
Advanced-Weekend-Workshop-Scene-StudyScene Study
Breaking down each scene, looking at how it fits into the overall story and how and why the character is in the scene is known as scene study which is an essential component of actor training.
To deliver a credible performance, actors must involve their entire bodies when acting. In this module they are trained to thoroughly understand the use of posture, gestures and expressions.
Advanced-Weekend-Workshop-Voice-Speech-DictionVoice, Speech and Diction
Helps the students understand good vocal habits, develop their voice and voice modulation. With the help of breathing techniques, the students can strengthen their voice muscles and the importance of clarity of speech — articulation as well as expressions.
Advanced-Weekend-Workshop-Actor-CameraActor and Camera
This aspect of training is a highly technical endeavor which deals with all the technical nuances of film acting, concerning the camera. Here the students get to know the importance of the camera, camera placement, camera movement, shot division, shot taking, types of shots, the presence of the actor before the camera, the significance of the ‘mark’ vis-à-vis the camera, etc.
Advanced-Weekend-Workshop-Audition-Screen-Testing Audition and screen testing
The most important aspect in an actor’s career is a screen test or audition. Screen test training helps actors to practice the screen test / audition process in a realistic casting environment and under the same expectations of time that working actors have to prepare for an audition.
Advanced-Weekend-Workshop-Final-Play-PerformanceFinal play performance
Students are made to apply all the training they have learnt in a presentation at the culmination of the Advanced Weekend Course. Their performance is staged for the students’ family and friends on the final day of the course at the Actor Prepares studio.


Upon successful completion of this programme the students are awarded a Certificate.

  • Students who successfully complete this programme will be given career guidance and counseling by Actor Prepares Placements.
  • They will also be provided with information about auditions for Film, TV and Commercials.
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