What are the modules offered in the 3 month Diploma programme?
Over a period of three months, the intensive full-time professional-level course provides specialized training in acting. The students are trained in a variety of classes which broadens their knowledge of acting techniques and style. Modules such as creative body movements, voice culture, diction and speech and other such various modules are covered in this courseYou can read more about modules offered in this programme by clicking on the following link – www.actorprepares.net/courses/diploma-programme/

Where, on the Actor Prepares website, can I download the application forms for the various courses?
You will find the application forms for the various courses, available for download by clicking on the following link – www.actorprepares.net/admission/forms-schedule/
Where on the website can I find out the various course commencement dates?
To find out about the commencement dates of the current courses please click on the below link – www.actorprepares.net/media-kit/events/You can access the yearly schedule with the various course commencement dates for the entire year by clicking on the following link – www.actorprepares.net/admission/forms-schedule/

Does an applicant have to go through the audition and interview process for all the courses offered by Actor Prepares?
Only applicants who wish to take admission into the 3 month Diploma programme have to go through an audition and interview process. However for students who are based out of India as well as in other parts of the country can fill in the application form for the 3 month Diploma programme and send their auditions through a CD or via uploading the audition online and sending it to the administration.For all other courses, admissions are direct and on a first-come first-admit basis.

How often do you start a new course?
The 3 month Diploma programme is held three times each year, starting in the first week of January, May and September.The evening Part Time course and the Weekend Workshops are repeated every month.

You can access the yearly schedule with the various course commencement dates for the entire year by clicking on the following link – www.actorprepares.net/admission/forms-schedule/

Who are the teachers who teach at Actor Prepares, Mumbai?
The classes at ACTOR PREPARES are conducted by competent in-house faculty members who passionately teach the craft through practical, theory classes, games, exercises and extensively filmed practicals.You can read about the faculty who teach at Actor Prepares by clicking on the following link – www.actorprepares.net/about-us/faculty/

Will students be offered sessions by Guest faculty and other visiting lecturers?
In addition to the sessions by in-house faculty members, there is a roster of Bollywood celebrities, which comprises the school’s visiting faculty, who share with students their invaluable on-the-job experiences and tips to success.You can read about the guest faculty who have visited Actor Prepares – www.actorprepares.net/about-us/guest-faculty/

Please note: Sessions with celebrity guests and other visiting faculty are exclusively provided only to students in the Diploma programme.

What is the success ratio of students getting acting assignments once they graduate from Actor Prepares?
Most of the students who have passed out of Actor Prepares have acted in various mediums, films, tv, theatre and online.You can read about our popular alumni by clicking on the following link – www.actorprepares.net/about-us/alumnus/

Does Actor Prepares help its students to get work as actors?
Actor Prepares has an exclusive placement cell that strives to provide our students with information, advice, reference and recommendations that will help them get work as actors in various media. We have successfully placed many students once they have completed the course. However Actor Prepares doesn’t guarantee placements to any of our students.
Does Actor Prepares admit international students as well or is the admission restricted just for Indians?
Admission into Actor Prepares is open to local Indians as well as foreign nationals. Nearly 20% of our student force per batch comprises of international students.
How important is it to be fluent in Hindi and/or English in order to join the courses offered at Actor Prepares?
Classes at Actor Prepares are conducted in Hindi and English. So students who are familiar with one of the two languages will not face a problem in communicating during the term of the programme.However there have been extreme cases where students who are not familiar with Hindi and English have joined our institute and have successfully completed the courses. We have had many students from France, Germany, Poland, Japan, China, US, Italy, UK join our programme and they have had a great experience.

Does Actor Prepares help international students in obtaining a student visa?
Actor Prepares doesn’t get involved directly in the visa process. However if the applicant needs a letter confirming him/hers admission with Actor Prepares which will help them in their visa application, we will oblige. However this letter will only be issued once the applicant has completed the post selection admission formalities including the payment of the fee. Many overseas students have requested such a letter from Actor Prepares and have used it to successfully obtain their visas.
For the 3 month programme, when do you normally inform students that they have been selected for admissions?
We inform the students on their selection status within 48 hours of them completing the audition and interview procedure.
What are the different courses offered by Actor Prepares?
Actor Prepares offers the below courses:

  1. Diploma Programme
  2. Part Time Course
  3. Weekend Workshop (Adults  & Children)
  4. Advance Weekend Course
  5. Children’s Workshop
  6. Customized workshops
  7. Scriptwriting Diploma Programme
  8. Story Writing for Cinema
  9. Fundamentals of Storytelling

For more details on the above courses please check out the courses tab on our website www.actorprepares.net

What are the fees for the various courses offered at Actor Prepares?
The fees for the Diploma Programme can be obtained upon request by contacting us via email at info@actorprepares.net orCall us on any of the following numbers

Landline: +91-22-65261232, +91-22-65261231, +91-22-26605659 / 6180

Mob: +91 9167233342

Toll free: 1800 209 1231

For all our other programmes you can find the details at:


What is the admission procedure for an applicant located OUTSIDE India who wants to take admission into the 3 month Diploma programme and cannot arrive in person for the auditions and interviews?
For applicants outside India, you need not come especially for the auditions; instead you can courier a DVD with your performance recorded on it along with the application form.Alternatively you email us a scan copy of the application and can upload your audition video online and send us a link to view. You must record 2 one or two minute performances. Your selection will be done with the help of the DVD/online video link.

Applicants also need to send a DD/Cheque of Rs 250 in favor of ‘Film Industry Welfare Trust Actor Prepares’ towards the audition fee.

This facility is also available for students who reside in India but outside Mumbai and can send in their auditions to the administrative team of Actor Prepares by the above said mediums.

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