Students speak

Shivangi Kshirsagar

I have been affiliated with Actor Prepares for over a year and a half now and it has been a wonderful journey. I had first approached Mr Kher with a feature film script, along with my co- writer and one day we started talking about how I had assisted as a choreographer in a couple […]

Mark Parakh

Before coming to Actor Prepares, I had done several plays at college and inter-college level but was not satisfied with myself as an actor. I used to go for auditions but could not crack them. I realized that I had the acting seed in me but I don’t have the most important thing and that […]

Kavi Shastri

To talk you through the 3 months of intense grueling incurred at Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares or as i like to think and call it….BOOT CAMP! I can only really start at the end of the story…No this isn’t another rendition of the film Memento (the whole starting at the end thing…God i wish i […]


This is Vinny from Canada and I was in your 2nd London branch. Sir all I wanted to say was thank you for letting me be apart of your course. I’m sure you hear that from a lot of people but to me it truly meant a lot.

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