A ‘Namit Das’ Experiential

Guest lecture at Actor Prepares 

Ashmeen Arora giving Hamper to Namit Das

He neither walked in as a celebrity, nor as a teacher. He walked in like a bubbling ball of energy ready to burst with excitement. He was the only guest speaker who seemed more excited than us students! And it was probably this energy that kept us hooked onto every word he spoke.

From the difference between camera & theatre to believability of actors; from knowing yourself to knowing your zero; from enacting his stories to doing the funky chicken dance; this session was jam-packed with knowledge, training, energy and entertainment.  Namit Das made us do so many things and shared so many insights, that it would be difficult to talk about everything.

Namit Das with Actor Prepares Diploma Students

However, the one thing that really hit me and would stay with me forever was when he spoke about the “Actor’s Skill”. He spoke about how it becomes difficult to work with feelings when you have to recreate the same moment/act for a close up shot or dubbing or retakes. He then told us about his mentor who can cry or laugh at the drop of a hat, thus emphasizing upon an ‘Actor’s Skill’. Being a method acting fan, this for me is the one theory that probably stands as a solid and equal pillar to the method.


Ashmeen Arora

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