A day in the life of Actor Prepares: The BEST and LONGEST Mannequin Challenge EVER

For over a decade, Anupam Kher’s acting institute ACTOR PREPARES has been setting the pace in the business and drawing the most promising aspirants desirous of leaving their mark on the entertainment world. And to kick off the celebrations of its 12th anniversary this week, Kher decided to set a record in the current trend of social media; the ACTOR PREPARES Mannequin Challenge. To artfully bring home the precept that stillness in acting can also reflect dynamism, and also to showcase his latest state-of-the-art boutique studios at Andheri-West, Kher decided to do it in his unique style.

With his over 100 strong contingent of staff and students, he conceptualised the biggest, longest, mannequin challenge. For over 10 minutes and across three floors of office suites and studios, everyone stood frozen in time. A mannequin challenge is a video shot in which one has to hold a pose, not blink or even breathe. In the old days it was called a ‘statue’!

To reveal more would detract from the anticipation of watching it yourself. But it would be appropriate to say that the video has been adroitly helmed by Sikander Kher with tracks skilfully laid over by Raj Pandit. The combined effort is sure to make the visual and aural treat a viral rage!

For ACTOR PREPARES, reputedly Asia’s finest acting school which has been ranked among the 22 most unique schools in the world, the Challenge was the latest opportunity to promote its students’ skills. Its alumni ranges from current superstars of the Hindi film industry to actors in south India and the television world as well as new domains such as webcasting and social media channels. “Watch them in action, or rather, frozen in action,” quips Anupam Kher.

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